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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Sorry so much for beeing m.i.a. for a while, i've been busy as hell, cause i was studying on my history pre finals... Do you know, that something really boring happened to someone really ugly in the middle ages?
Anyway, i aced it, and i can dedicate slightly more time to blogging :)

So i was at the hair salon earlier this week, to get them dyed and trimmed. I dye my hair way too  much. The color of it changes more than the shape of my eyebrows... I can't really remember my natural hair colour. It has been strawberry blond, bright red, aubergine, brown, mahagony..... I can go on for a while actually..... So i decided to make it nice and natural now, i came out chocollaty brown. It's so different from what i've had.

So i'm in my hairdressers chair, we're chatting and she says to me, that she noticed that i am a lot thinner than i were (thanks, but that's not a compliment for me) and that i have alot of new baby hair growing (yay). I never really noticed that. …

Color 101 (part 5)

Part 1 - Basic Colour Theory
Part 2 - Colour Analysis. Spring
Part 3 - Summer
Part 4 - Autumn

Tam ta da daaaaam!
This is the last episode of the drawn-out series about colour theory.
I am going to show you the last type of the colour analysis type - winter and a little summary in the end, cause i saw that it was hard for you guys to determine which of the type are you.

Grab a mirror and let's go!

1. Deep Winter

Eyes: Black, black-brown, dark hazel.Hair: Black-brown, medium brown, gray.Skin: Black, medium beige, black-brown, olive with no pink or peach undertones.
2.Light Winter
Eyes: Bright blue, hazel, green.Hair: Black, chestnut, medium brown or dark brown.Skin: Black, deep brown, neutral beige, pale olive, milky (even transluscent) white.
3. Cold Winter:
Eyes: Charcoal gray, blue, dark brown.Hair: Blue-black, silverish, no red tones.Skin: Cool brown, olive, neutral beige.
Let’s imagine the situation that youcan’t determine the color type you are.
The most contradicting fact is that yo…

Color 101 (part 4)

Part 1 - Basic Colour Theory
Part 2 - Colour Analysis. Spring
Part 3 - Summer

Today is the day for Autumns
Just in time for St. Patrick's day - redheads :)

1. Deep Autumn
Eyes: dark brown, dark hazel, black, dark green.Hair: Medium brown/- medium/deep auburn, dark brown, deep chestnunt, black.Skin: Warm beige, neutral beige, golden brown, dark brown, olive.
 2. Soft Autumn
Eyes: light brown, soft hazel, blue or gray green.Hair: Golden blonde/medium brown/mousy brown. Posibly with blonde or red highlights.Skin: Ivory, neutral beige, warm beige, golden brown.

3. Warm Autumn

Eyes: brown, olive green, hazel or topaz.Hair: Medium golden brown, red, auburn, strawberry blonde, golden blonde.Skin: Bronze, golden brown, golden beige, ivory, warm beige.
Autumn color type is characteristic by the red or yellow-brown freckles and moles. All women of this color type have bright lips, brown or reddish eyebrows. They are thick but light. Autumn type women get the tan not so well - the skin becomes red b…

Color 101 (part 3)

Part2 (updated)

Let's continue without further ado :)

Summer 1. Light Summer
Eyes: Blue, gray, green.Hair: Light/medium ash blonde, light/medium ash brownSkin: Pale beige, porcelain, ivory or pink beige (everything pink-tonned)
2. Pure Summer:

Eyes: Gray-blue, soft turqoise, hazel. Hair: Light/medium ash brown, may have blond in it.Skin: Light/medium neutral beige, ivory.
 3. Cool Summer:
Eyes: Gray, blue.Hair: Medium/rich ash brown, little to no red tones.Skin: Ivory, pink beige, gray beige, neutral beige.
The basic tone of summer types – blue.
The summer tone type gets the tan well (the exception is the extremely light summer skin variants). The skin tint becomes noble, cool olive. Never obtains a red subtone. Moles and freckles (if there are any) always have grey or ash gray hue (no gold or reed-brown tint).Cold pink lips.
Tip for Summers - avoid too dark or black colors when dyeing hair otherwise there will be a rough contrast between your hair and skin tone.

P.S. It was ha…

Color 101 (part 2)

First post i ever did on my blog was about basic color theory.There's so much to talk when it comes to understanding colors... So i guess i'll just make few parts of it, lets call my first part Colors.The Prequel lol
Let's continue shall we? :)
So, if you’ve ever picked up the latest issue of some fashion magazine and red about this season’s "new black"- you know that "it colors" come and go in fashion.You went and bought alot of stuff in that color.. but it just doesn't.. look good? Happened to me....
You see, there are some shades that are always going to look good on you, and some that aren’t. No color looks good on everyone, and it’s just a fact. This has to do with your coloring, or the way your eye color, hair, and skin tone combine to give you a look. It’s really important to know what your perfect colors are, or you risk looking completely messed up!
The method called color analysis breaks people’s colorings down intoSpring, Summer, A…

Best and Worst drugstore foundations. Maybelline vs. L'oreal.

I've been using drugstore foundations forever, cause i can't really afford high-end stuff. I'm a grad-student, and  i allready spend all my money on cosmetics. I live in Europe, so stuff like MAC or Lush is non-existant here. Well at least not in my country. (Let's make the "Aaaaaaw..." sound now all together). Let's not make it sound like the edge of the world though, we have kinda everything else here... most of the popular drugstore brands, most of the high end brands... Most of the popular clothing stores....except the Forever 21... (1...2....3... awwwww)
Anyway since i've used almost every drugstore foundation there is i'd liked to share my opinion of which i thought is best and which is.... well let's call it "not-so-much"....

So i'd like to give the name of Best Drugstore foundation to Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid.
It's cheaper than the foundation that i'd like to call "not-so-much", but it works wo…

Louboutin Manicure. Classy or Trashy?

The thing that probably every girl has in her wishlist - a pair of Louboutin high heels with the magic red sole...
I was lying if i'd say i don't want 'em...
Ok, by show of hands who doesn't? 
Ok, either you are shy, or  i was right.
Louboutin's screams "girl power, sexyness, style, class"
...and that you are rich enough to purchase them.
Or you have a rich man beside you...

Anywaaaay, for those of us, who are not su lucky and don't have the possibility to buy them, can try interesting Louboutin manicure. It's simple yet so sophisitcated.
All you have to do is paint your nails in rich black color and paint your undersides ruby red. 
Photo courtesy I did my nails once like this in summer, and got lots of compliments. Thats another thing every girl craves.... So this may be not so perfect for everyday wear, but perfect for a classy night out.  Are you willing to try it until you get your shoes? :)

Beachy wavy SEXY hair

Congratulations, the spring has finally arrived! Well it's still a mess outside, but atleast it's oficial springtime :) That's something to be excited about. :)
The sun was shining all day today, and i was dreaming about beach... I live like half an hour  away to from it, so i am a total beach girl. I love it. I love the feeling after going to the beach. You know, salty, nice smelling skin, and nicely curled up messy hair.... My hair in winter time tends to look awful, they become flat, don't hold a curl... They are naturaly straight. So straight that people don't believe that i don't use flatiron to get them look like this.

So I was doing some reasearch today, inspired by my dreams, about how to get a wavy "just from the beach" hair look. I asked a girl at a salon if they do perms to this look. She said no. That didn't upset me too much... I'm a McGyver when it comes to beauty lol. Here's what else you can do to get your hair this nice mes…