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Petite Means SHORT, Not Skinny!

Ok, I’m sorry for yelling that title at you, but it’s super duper important.Unless you’re a fashion maven (and possibly, even if you are), you probably think "skinny" when you see the petite section. This is such a common misconception, I just have to set it right. Let’s start by saying Vaida is just shy of 5’3. Not that anyone I know realizes this, as I’m always wearing 4-inch heels. Nevertheless, I’m short - which makes me petite.Yes, that means I should be wearing clothes with a little P marked on the tag.And no, I’m not very skinny – I’m built like a female, not a prepubescent boy/runway model. If I weren’t, however, it wouldn’t matter. Petite sized clothing covers the whole spectrum of body sizes. Remember,it’s about height, not girth!That said, let me explain something else which is very, very important.

It’s possible to petite both above and below the waist – but it’s also to possible to be petite in only one area.This is sooooo important!! Even thoug…