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Oscars '11 fashion. Are you f * # king kidding me??

I was so excited to finally see how all the celebrity chickas dressed up this year for the biggest awards ceremony. I mean, Academy Awards fashion is always stunning in one way or another. It's amazing to see how movie stars, or just... stars goes all out to make sure that all the press the other morning has huge print of them in all their prime sparkling and shining in the most gorgeous outfits. So i was unable to watch the red carpet cause i reeealy needed to get some sleep for today, so as soon as i gotten home from college i checked all the outfits on VOGUE website. They have them all in HD and even with magnyfing glass option which works sooo good you can actually see EVERY tiny detail or even prominent thread. Click here to be redirected but come back to me so we can discuss the dresses. Unfortuantly i couldn't be more dissapointed in this year fashion choices of the starlets... What the hell happened? Is it just me or all the dresses really looked like ripped off curt…

Finding and modifying boots for skiny calved girls

I'm tiny. Well in some areas atleast. I have skinny wrists (that's why i basically can't wear my beloved bangles, unless they are sixed xs) and skinny calves. I look well proportioned and everything, but in these areas i do not qualify for standard sizings. I am not anorexic or anything, i am just... like that. Think Eva Longoria - petite. So, I have problems when it comes to buying boots.

Recently i've bought this gorgeous pair of boots, it fits perfectly except for the calf part. Right below then knee, you can see how they are loose. I would see some girls also having the same problem, but what you gonna do about it??
If you are brave enough to trust your boots to cobbler/shoemaker, you can do so, depending on what material the shoes are made of (leather, suede etc...)  he can take them in. But I would be very cautious about the qualification of the cobbler dude. There is a high possibility of ruining shoes if done wrong... There are brands/shops that make custom fitt…

Best beauty remedies form the nature - COFEE GROUNDS

Awhile ago i've read somewhere a big article about how to use leftover coffee grounds to figth cellulite and ever since then it was stuck in my head. You know, how coffe grounds are useful only for fortune tellers and for war with the orange peel skin on tushy. Boy was i wrong! It is amazing how much the mother nature can offer us - beauty product junkies. To get an amazing beauty remedy for anything you can possibly think of, you don't need to do much or pay more than a.. dollar/euro (this is how i imagine a cup of coffee costs.... lol) So i put together a list of ways of how to use almighty coffee grounds and tried them all, so let's see the results!

This is how my obssesion with coffee grounds started. I was visiting my grandmother for a few days and she noticed how i wash my hair almost OR every single day. I had to sit down with her and listen to a looooong moral about how it's unhealthy for the hair and yada yada yada... So -  ok -  i said, - they get oily really …