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Simple step for glowy skin

So friday i was at this huge party with seniors from  my school. It started at 6 p.m. and I came home at around 7 a.m. Yeah... thats what I like to call a good party. Whole time we spent indoors, filled with smell of smoke(well... what do you expect from a hundred 19 year-olds?), alcohol and lots of dancing and fooling around. I came home and went to sleep immediatly. Next morning...well day to be honest... i woke up feeling gross...You know that feeling, when you can smell smoke in your hair, on your pillow in your clothes from last night...ugh....  I took a shower, and even treated myself with hot bath... but my face skin was feeling weird. Black under eyes, blotchy skin, dull, grey-ish and tired... I talked to my mom complaining about that and she said she used to do this routine for a week after big parties:  Fill a glass of boiled cooled water and place it in a freezer. You can do this right after the party, or before the party in the evening.Take the glass out before you go to sl…

Tanning without sun! Dove vs. Johnson's

Last winter i was all about tanning beds. I used to go to chill there at least once a week. Yes, i was looking very nice and tanned, but after doing some research and carefully analyzing my skin i saw quite a few new moles so i decided that it's just not worth it. Health is worth so much more than a tan, right?
So i was looking for an alternative way to tan because i was getting pale. And the spring was coming.
The skirt season! So one day i saw Dove Summer Glow on sale and decided to give it a try. I liked it. Since then i allways have these kind of products in my bathroom. I gave one of them to my mom, so that i could get her opinion too.

Both product labels claim to "gradually build an even flawless tan" and "give your skin 24h moisturisation".So it's basically the same product. Can one be better than another? Let's compare them, shall we?
 Dove Summer GlowThis one i got first, so as i had nothing to compare it with, so back then i really liked it. It r…

Lipstick shades for.. whiter teeth?

Yup. It's possible. Just know which lipstick shade you need to grab.
For a while now, there is known that lipsticks who have blue undertones actually make teeth look whiter.
Though sometimes it may be hard to determine what is this "blue undertone", because red with blue undertone - whiter teeth, red without blue undertone- unnattractive yelowish smile...
Drrrrums rrrolss please.... Enter - Clinique.
Using a dental color guide, Clinique compared the brightness of teeth before and after applying certain lipstick colors. These 10 were found to make teeth look a full shade whiter (believe it or not - it's optical illiusion)
Photo: Time Inc. Digital Studio Clinique lipsticks in (from top) Peach Pop, A Different Grape, Cranberry Cream, Red-y To Wear, Raspberry Rush, Raspberry Glacé, Go Fig, Pink-a-boo, Ice Bloom, and Twilight Nude, $14 each;

So, you can grab the shade you like from Clinique, or just try to detect this shade on the other brand lipstics y…

Cheap eyeshadows? Sure, why not!

Last friday I did my friends make-up for some party she was going to. She almost never uses make up. Even mascara! She's one of those lucky gals who looks good without it. I hate her for that.
So, she asked me if i do her make up, cause she's not good at it. She was very surprised when she saw herself in the mirror (i wouldn't let her watch while i was doing her, cause i didn't want to jinx the special extreme makeover "OH MY GOD! I'M SO PRETTY" moment).
So here's the final result:

All the shadows used are just simple drugstore brands. And one shadow is from Avon. 
The violet-pinkish color in the crease is from Artdeco shadows - No95. My friend got it for me to try and I didn't really like it. It's too dusty.So when you tap it off the brush everything falls down :/ But when you finaly manage to pick up some of it - the color is well pigmented and blends out really well. So... i have mixed feelings about this one lol.
The grey which is used on th…

Alternative use of beauty products

We all have some shelf or a drawer dedicated to beauty products we don't use. Some of them don't match our skintone, for some we have allergies or maybe it doesn't match your skin or hair type. So they just stack up and take up space, but we don't want to throw them away because we paid our own money for them. And for some of them-big money.
So is there a way to still use those products somehow?
Through time ladies all over the world, found out how it's possible. Though not how they originally were intended to be used. So if you have your share of unusable beauty products - sit back, relax, and keep reading ;)

Probably the most popular usage "off-label" is hair conditioner as a shaving cream. It works just as well (tried it myself). It has similar thickness and the skin stays soft and smooth afterwards.Yes, no razor burns or bumps. You can also use a baby oil for that matter, works good too.Baby oil also can also be used as make-up remover. Pour a littll…

Color 101

Understanding and knowing how to mix and match colors for say eye make-up, or outfits is important isn't it? Some colors match and others not so much. Well duh, 1st graders know that.
But not everyone knows WHICH colors match. We all understand simplest combinations of them, but it's really useful to know as many as we can. I can even begin to tell you how many times i saw girls wearing non-matching color outfits or make-up. Of course, sometimes being bold and hip pays off. Remember the times when no one ever thought that brown and tealwould look good together?
Well.... yeah... So i kinda lost my whole point there lol.
But seriously, it's just basic thing to know the color matches, and in my opinion every girl even slightly interested in make-up or fashion should know it. You may ask "how on earth am i supposed to know that? there's so many colours, shades, tones and tints!" (which are actually not the same thing: Tint refers to the original color + white. Tone