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Who writes this blog?

Behind this blog, rattling her laptop's keyboard is a fun-loving sometimes redhead, sometimes brunnette girl who lives in a relatively big city in Europe, and has enormous passion for cats, everything beauty/fashion-related or smelling like Cocos or Vanilla.

Blog was started with the idea of becoming beauty related site, but while hopping through life, I found lots of different issues in my life other than which mascara is better that I wanted to share with you. Some of the posts are removed, they are no longor relevant, but at that particular time, my dear readers and friends, you helped me to open up and find my way with your lovely comments and e-mails.

Living with a roommate, who she can call her best friend, having lots of different friends, no boyfriend and happy about it, having admirerers and enjoying the little ego boosts they give.

Living with a loving boyfriend,who she loves with all her soul, still having friends, but now they are only the chosen ones and only those who survived everything with me and stuck with me no matter what. Not capable to stay too long in one place in her life. Running towards a new destination, in love with life, but having a difficulty choosing what part she wants to focus on most. In a state of unfocused energy, fertile with much potential, but undisciplined. Young enough to still use the phrase 'I am making mistakes so I can learn how to live'' and watch horror movies with her 12 y.o cousin, but grown up enough to go out in the night and play a little bit ''Jersey Shore'' from time to time.

I realise that every young person has a world o possibilities, just gotta find out what to do with it. I am still in the middle of that journey. :)

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Best beauty remedies form the nature - COFEE GROUNDS

Awhile ago i've read somewhere a big article about how to use leftover coffee grounds to figth cellulite and ever since then it was stuck in my head. You know, how coffe grounds are useful only for fortune tellers and for war with the orange peel skin on tushy. Boy was i wrong! It is amazing how much the mother nature can offer us - beauty product junkies. To get an amazing beauty remedy for anything you can possibly think of, you don't need to do much or pay more than a.. dollar/euro (this is how i imagine a cup of coffee costs.... lol) So i put together a list of ways of how to use almighty coffee grounds and tried them all, so let's see the results!

This is how my obssesion with coffee grounds started. I was visiting my grandmother for a few days and she noticed how i wash my hair almost OR every single day. I had to sit down with her and listen to a looooong moral about how it's unhealthy for the hair and yada yada yada... So -  ok -  i said, - they get oily really …

Off topic - relationships! I am sure i am not the only one!?

I have huge fear - i am affraid to appear too clingy. I am not affraid to show my affection to someone, but i don't ever want to be the one, who takes the first step. The first step not necceserily means going to a guy i like and expressing this to him, but i hate being the one, who texts or e-mails first. God forbid be the one who asks a GUY out. I could know, that this particular guy REALLY likes me, and i won't be turned down, i still hate taking the first step. Do you have the same feeling? Like, i want to talk to someone, but i have this ugly feeling in my stomach, that maybe he is busy and i'll be bothering him and he won't, say, text back and then i feel that i lost my... quality? my secrecy.. i don't even know how to put it, but i am sure you all understand it. This especialy is a big problem in the beggining of love affairs. How do i let a guy know that i like him? (This is rethorical question)

So let's call my complex A Princess complex, because i feel…

Guest Post: How to Apply False Lashes Correctly

This article is written cooperating with Videojug, the essential website for expert "how-to" videos.

In the last few years, celebrity culture around the world has seen the popularity of false lashes skyrocket. There has been a huge increase in the eye makeup market in general, with many alternatives to false lashes, such as volume enhancing mascara, becoming popular, too.

For many, false eyelashes are where it’s at when it comes to having a unique sense of personal style. One only has to visit a local shopping centre to see the number of stalls offering to apply false lashes to understand the surge in popularity.

Effects of False Lashes

Why are false lashes proving so popular among women of all ages?

· Add instant glamour to eyes

· Effect of widening small eyes

· Rejuvenate tired eyes, making them look younger and refreshed

There are several great brands that offer high quality lashes in various styles. We aren’t going to sit here and tell you al…