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Comming Soon!

Cocos And Vanilla currently is under construction. Please check back soon for a big giweavay including a Hot Tools Ceramic Tourmaline Deep Waver and a goodie bag for me personally for my lovely followers :)

Applying foundation. How to do it like a pro?

Applying  Foundation is the most essential step in makeup, the problem with it though is that we make common mistakes while doing so. Sometimes it looks "cakey" and sometimes accentuates the flaws we were trying to cover.
We need to learn how to apply and set it correctly. There are lots of different ways of aplying foundation to your face. I'll try to talk about all of them, from my own experience, and a little bit research online (so that it wouldn't be just my single oppinion)
The most popular way of applying foundation is fingers.
You don't have to buy any tools for this method, and it's fast. The coverage is allright, all of us used to put foundation on like this one time or another, before we learned about alternative methods, right? Some famous make up artists does it and it is good for them. It's good enough.... But once you get to use some different method, you won't probaly be going back to applying it with your fingers. There definetly ar…

I love my boyfriend...'s clothes!

Remeber the times, when there was frowned upon for women to wear pants?  Well... you probobly can't be remembering that...  Well... anyway... the times has changed! Radically! 
Now women are not only wearing pants, which were originally fashioned for men, but they have the guts to steal their man's garderobe and wear it as their own. Especially in the past year this huge new trend has overcome all the stylish girls. "Boyfriend... something".
But what is ‘"a boyfriend"? (yes it’s someone you kiss and hang around with, but we’re talking about fashion, not linguistics!) Something "boyfriend" is a piece of clothing you borrow from your guy and which consequently is a bit too large (ideally, unless your boyfriend weights 70 pounds and is 4 feet tall.) Of course all the brand names got hold of the trend and decided to create "boyfriend" for girls (a bit more tigh-fitting), the most famous ‘"boyfriend" are the boyfriend jeans, whi…

The truth behind cheapness of Coastal Scents. Fake MAC.

Since it's April Fool's day what can we found better to talk about but fools? :D
And what if we combine it with our favorite subject - beauty?

One of the reasons why i actually wanted to write about this is because since i do aloooot of research online i found some interesting theories about some famous brands. Well brand to be exact - Coastal Scents. Almost everyone interested in make-up knows this brand and owns their 88 palette. I do to. I bought it from their website directly a while ago. Everything is great. I like the quality, the palette is really well pigmented, it was cheap, i got amazingly kind costumer service (they answered tons of my e-mails very fast)
The question is - why i only had to pay 18 dollars for the whole pallette, when alot of people compare their shadows to MAC brand, which costs 14 dollars per unit. And here i got even 88 different colours. The thing is... everything from Coastal Scents are made in Hong Kong or somewhere near by. It's not being ma…