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Finding and modifying boots for skiny calved girls

I'm tiny. Well in some areas atleast. I have skinny wrists (that's why i basically can't wear my beloved bangles, unless they are sixed xs) and skinny calves. I look well proportioned and everything, but in these areas i do not qualify for standard sizings. I am not anorexic or anything, i am just... like that. Think Eva Longoria - petite. So, I have problems when it comes to buying boots.

Recently i've bought this gorgeous pair of boots, it fits perfectly except for the calf part. Right below then knee, you can see how they are loose. I would see some girls also having the same problem, but what you gonna do about it??
  • If you are brave enough to trust your boots to cobbler/shoemaker, you can do so, depending on what material the shoes are made of (leather, suede etc...)  he can take them in. But I would be very cautious about the qualification of the cobbler dude. There is a high possibility of ruining shoes if done wrong...
  • There are brands/shops that make custom fitted stuff, as well as boots. My favourite - They do loads of different calf sizes, you just measure and they make them to fit you. they are a little more expensive than your average high street boots but they are good quality, and they will actually fit so are likely to last you a good few years.
    • Stretchy Boots Stretch boots allow you ample room and cater to your leg size. If you have huge calves, however, these might be a little uncomfortable for you. Also, if you go with the elastic ones, beware of the cheap feeling ones. The elastic tends to wear out and then you’re back at square one! 
    • Lace-Up Boots Lace-up boots are like corsets for your legs. This is my personal favorite solution since it allows you to adjust the boot shaft every inch of the way and still have that sexy appeal.

    • Boots with Buckles Buckle boots are great for adjusting the boot shaft and still adding that little bit of embellishment. They are less combersome than the lace-up alternative and maybe look classier than the stretch boots. 

    • Ugg Boots or EMU Boots You can also go for a boot that is less form fitting like UGG boots and EMU boots. Plus, they have a lot of cushioning inside to help make the boot fit a little better.

       And the idea that has been eating me alive recently - why don't i just buy a pair of legwarmers or thicker overknee stockings?? It would fill up the gaps in
    the boot and look uber trendy!

    Any more suggestions tips or tricks?
    Or maybe opinions? Let's discuss it!

    Disclaimer: i did not received any money to promote any of the brands or websites in this post. It is just my personal experience and i wanted to share it with people who might have the same problem. :)


  1. I have the exact same problem and I never thought of wearing leg warmers underneath. That's such a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing this :)


  2. Thanks for Your comment! Glad to hear You like the idea :))

  3. Oh I have the exact same problem as you, so annoying! You know what Though, I just wear them least they're loose, and not tight & bulging hey?!

  4. I know, i used to wear them loose also, but just got sick of it, seeing how cute it looks on normal claved girls lol. So just started looking for solutions... :) And yes, it's always better too loose than too tight! :)


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