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Applying foundation. How to do it like a pro?

Applying  Foundation is the most essential step in makeup, the problem with it though is that we make common mistakes while doing so. Sometimes it looks "cakey" and sometimes accentuates the flaws we were trying to cover.
We need to learn how to apply and set it correctly. There are lots of different ways of aplying foundation to your face. I'll try to talk about all of them, from my own experience, and a little bit research online (so that it wouldn't be just my single oppinion)
  • The most popular way of applying foundation is fingers.
    You don't have to buy any tools for this method, and it's fast. The coverage is allright, all of us used to put foundation on like this one time or another, before we learned about alternative methods, right? Some famous make up artists does it and it is good for them. It's good enough.... But once you get to use some different method, you won't probaly be going back to applying it with your fingers. There definetly are better ways to apply make up. 
Pros: Cheap, fast, doesn't require much experience or work, good enough for liquid mousse and cream-to-powder foundation types.
Cons: Not the most hygienic method, uneven coverage, hard to blend, can look streaky.
  • Sponge.
    It is great to give you a light, sheer layer of foundation. It makes the foundation easy to blend, a necessity for foundation and keeps your fingers clean too!
Pros: Cheap, very hygienic (if used right), easy to use, gives good even coverage without streaks. if you work it right. Good for liquid foundation.
Cons: Soaks up ALOT of foundation, so it's a waste of product. You will need to clean your sponge after every use (or buy a bag full of inexpensive sponges at a department store and trash them after every use, so it is not very friendly to enviroment)
  •  Clasic foundation brush. E.g. MAC 190.
    The use of a brush allows you to feather out foundation and placing it heavier where you need it and lighter where you do not. The foundation looks amazing when using a brush, I can't really explain why, it just does. Use a foundation brush for a couple of days and it will be hard to go back to what you were using before. The one problem, you have to clean it every time you use it or you will ruin the brush.
Pros: Gives close to perfect coverage, even, poreless, airbrushed look.
Cons: Soaks up foundation, can streak, the feeling of painting your face can be weird...
  • Duo Fibre brush. E.g. MAC 187.
    It is without a doubt THE BEST brush and method of puting on foundation so far. Dab foundation on flat surface (preferably not on your wrist) and dab the brush in it. Lightly. Then gently stipple it around your face till you get even coverage. Don't use it as the MAC 190, it is a reason why this is being called A STIPPLER. The main concept of this brush is that is the best alternative for airbrushing. It is the same method in particular, cause when you stipple it on your face, it leaves you with tons of little tiny pixelized dots, that's what airbrush tools do. "Dab stipple stipple stipple swirl" Let that be your make up mantra lol. The part which you dab into foundation is made from synthetic bristles, so none of the foundation will soak up in them.
Pros: Gives amazing, airbrushed, PERFECT look. You end up using less foundation and won't be risking layering on too much, unless you do the "dab stipple stipple stipple swirl" motion for an hour. A little amount of foundation goes a loooong way with this brush. I couldn't think of any kinds of foundation that you can't use with this brush. It is the best brush for acne prone ar scared skin.
Cons: Can be pricey (MAC one costs 42 bucks), but there are some great dupes for it, once you get to know how to use them right, e.g. E.L.F brushes...  or Coastal Scents Black Stipler Brush is good alternative for around 8 bucks, but it sheds. The solution to this is - you brush the brush with your hair brush (lol) every now and then and it won't shed on your face.

What else...?
  • You can even use your blush brush and it works good too.
  • If you are using sponge, make sure to buy latex free, cause some poeple are allergic to it.
  • Allways remember to SET YOUR FOUNDATION. You can do this with either loose, mineral or pressed powder. Setting foundation assures you, that it 'll stay much longer and your skin won't look oily.
  • Though good brushes can be pricey, don't be affraid to invest in them. Dupes are usually pretty good, but good brush will last you AGES if you take care of it it'll give you the best results. While risking on buying cheaper dupe can be dissapointment and money down the drain.
  • Also good brush can be used in more than one purpose. E.g. duo fibre brush is great for heavilly pigmented blushes, mineral face products etc...Lots of people find their own alternative ways of using the brushes, so don't be afraid to try whatever comes to your mind.
  • Every method is actually good, just remeber that it is YOU however, who puts on foundation, not a tool, so to achieve the best results know how to use different brushes right and spend enought time doing so...
And in no time, you'll be a pro :)

I hope this was interesting and useful. :)

What is your way of puting on your foundation?Maybe you have any questions? Leave a comment below and we can chat about it :)


    1. I just started to use a brush for foundation and I cant imagine myself using my fingers again!!!Love your post and I need to have the Mac 187!!!

    2. I LOVED this post Vaida! I use all the tools you mentioned depending on a foundation and how much time I have to put the make-up on ;)
      Great inos you gave in here! Thanks!

    3. Great post!! :D Thank you very much!

    4. wow this was truly to try it out. I hate the make up lines around the face once you are done applying, so no more sponges for me. I like the brushes =]
      You think it's possible to use powder with finger tips ? Silly question Im sure, but im curious cause it magically turns into a cream once it makes skin contact.

    5. I love your new blog template :) This tutorial was fun to read. I'm hesitant about using a brush... think I'll stick with my fingers for now.

    6. putting foundation on with a stipler brush takes ages :P most days i put it on with my fingers but only after ive washed them very well and always wash them again right after :P

    7. @Jessica- Powder with finger tips? I honestly don't know... I mean, you technically can do it, but i'm not sure if it would give good results... :)

      @Annie - Of course, fingers are fine :) If it is the most comfortable method for you - stick to it, but if you have a chance try a brush :) Just for fun ;D

      @Nadia - Yeah it does, but it's worth it in my oppinion :)

    8. I loved this post.It helped me soo much, girl!
      I love your blog and I follow it ofc.
      If you like mine too, follow back please!

    9. I've tried them all & I personlly think that the fingers are still thee best tool for foundation... =)... btw, just droppin by to let u know that i have an award waiting for u on my blog.. come get it when u get the chance.. thanks! =)

    10. thanks for the advice. I use the MAC 109. I apply in circular motions and the foundation looks great

    11. I just use my hands, I put some drops of make up in my palms and then i just put a thin layer on my face (I've got a pretty good skin complexion, so I do not use much make up at day), then I use the hair dryer for 5 seconds to my face and that makes the make up fluid to be part of your skin. In the end I apply my meteorites powder, I am not very good with make up brushes.. Useful post by the way, I am gonna use some of your tips. Kisses!

    12. someone's been tagged ;)

    13. great post! it is so tough to go back to using your hands or a sponge after you use a foundation brush! i do use a sponge afterward to clean up little streaks left by the brush, if necessary xoxo

    14. thnx for the tips!really helped!
      i' like to invite you to ckeck my blog as well!

    15. Love your site!! I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award, check it out on my site!

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