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Best and Worst drugstore foundations. Maybelline vs. L'oreal.

I've been using drugstore foundations forever, cause i can't really afford high-end stuff. I'm a grad-student, and  i allready spend all my money on cosmetics. I live in Europe, so stuff like MAC or Lush is non-existant here. Well at least not in my country. (Let's make the "Aaaaaaw..." sound now all together). Let's not make it sound like the edge of the world though, we have kinda everything else here... most of the popular drugstore brands, most of the high end brands... Most of the popular clothing stores....except the Forever 21... (1...2....3... awwwww)
Anyway since i've used almost every drugstore foundation there is i'd liked to share my opinion of which i thought is best and which is.... well let's call it "not-so-much"....

So i'd like to give the name of Best Drugstore foundation to Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid.
 It's cheaper than the foundation that i'd like to call "not-so-much", but it works wonders. I have combination skin, so it's hard for me to get even coverage. But Maybelline worked good for me. It claims to give you "an airbrush finish"... Well it didn't of course, but it was pretty good. Maybelline claims that the foundation gives a 100% Pore less look.... I guess for someone with light complexion, without any problem areas, but for me it worked good to, my pores weren't as visible and the skin looked smooth and even-toned. The feeling of it while rubbing on skin is nice and soft, it's easy to spread and a little pea size pump works a long way. Many people though have different experiences with this foundation. It's either loved or hated. I guess it depends on your skin type, i wouldn't recommend it on oily skin, as it leaves your skin shiny eventually. In this case you should try Maybelline's Dream Matte Mouse, but it was to dry for me, so i used only couple of times, but i heard that if it didn't made you brake out and you have oily skin - it's going to be purrrrfect for you. So, the pros of this product is that it's quite cheap, leaves skin soft and smooth, it's easy to use it, the packaging has the pump so it's hygienic. The cons - well it worked good for me, but some girls say that they didn't like the coverage of it, but you should remember that it's not "full coverage" foundation. I'd give it 8,5 out of 10. I'll be repurchasing it.

"Not-so-much" foundation - L'OREAL's true match.
 I was sooo excited about this, i red so may great reviews about it and had really high excpectations for it. It's quite pricey, but i bought it cause i was sure it's going to be great. Well.... it wasn't. I spent like an hour on l'oreal counter with consultant trying to find the right shade for me, after trying it on at store, the shade looked good, but when i applied it next morning at home, i noticed that i was looking patchy and streaky... It doesn't looked  orange in the bottle at all (shade beige rose) but on my skin it streaked in orange patchy lines. After 15mins of trying to apply it evenly i somewhat succeded. But the shade was definetly not right for me. Other con - it dried my skin. It even flaked a little bit. The coverage though is good (if it wasn't too orange- my biggest make-up pet peeve). However, even the name of this claims to be perfect for your skin tone, and texture - it failed on those factors for me. It worked on the reviewers which i had read good though. So my problem may be bad shade, but i checked out other shades in the store and couldn't found any that would match better. Though it has more shades that Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid...
I'd give it 7 out of 10. I won't repurchase it.

So what's your favorite drugstore foundations?
Did the L'oreal worked good for you and Maybelline was "not-so-much"?
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  1. L'oreal True match was one of the first foundations I got, and at the time, i thought it was fantastic, but i wasn't great at applying it then. I can't remember it going streaky, but then again i haven't tried it in 3/4 years.

    I'm using Maybelline's Dream Liquid now and for me, it's working absolutely fabulously and 100% agree with you. x

  2. Hi dear Vaida! Thank you so much for following my blog. I'm a new follower as well, cux your blog is so cute and informative.
    Where are you from sweety?

  3. Aww then we're neighbours. ;) I'm from Poland.

    And answering to your post, my favorite foundation is Revlon ColorStay, which is considered as drugstore foundation but it's a bit more pricy here than all those popular brands like Maybelline etc.
    From the cheaper ones my favorite is Rimmel's Lasting Finish. :)

  4. @Kasia - Oh i heard alot about Revlon ColorStay, we have it in LT, but i also heard that it's sheer... I don't want to look sheer lol. Thanks for sharing, i'd give Rimmel's Lasting Finish a try :)

  5. I also like Revlon's ColorStay and I also really like Almay's TLC foundation. I'd pick Almay over the Revlon though. My skin is very dry and it goes on smooth and doesn't flake. It also has pump that I <3!!!

  6. I love Maybeline one!It works wonders for me too!!!Nice review!

  7. I like the dream satin foundation. Its a good finish. I also have the mineral foundation and it is good too =)

  8. @NV Beauty - I never really put any interest in Almay foundations. Thanks!

    @Irene - Thank you :)

    @Lisa - I never tried mineral foundation, cause i am always affraid that it has poor coverage... I guess i should just try it :)

  9. I appreciate your honest opinions on products. I don't use a drugstore foundation, but heard from several makeup artist friends that L'oreal true match is supposed to be good too. Cher and Dita von Teese use it, so I thought it must be good. I'm glad to hear your review about it. I feel like sometimes hype about a product doesn't translate to it working for you on your skin. Also, your blog is great. You write better in English than most native English speakers I know! xoxo

  10. @Logan - Thank you so much :) Well yes, some products are overrated, but you know, what didn't work for me, may work for other people... we are all different :) Oh well... it's hard not to be a victim of advertisements these days ;D You are so nice, i want to give a hug to you lol!

  11. No, thank you Vaida! Your sweet comment on my blog made my day. I appreciate it : )

    *hugs from me (sitting on my couch avoiding work)*

  12. LOL, There's no Mac and Lush in bulgaria either *aaawwww* lol.. but I do all my shopping in England where I'll be moving later this summer. I think they're about to open a Mac counter here on the 21st later this month tho, so that's pretty cool. I have a huge list of stuff i want to get and i've even started saving haha! Thing is all these popular brands like mac, nars, urban decay are sooo much more expensive in the UK than they are in America, its unbelievable.

    About drugstore foundations... I've tried quite a few. True Match tended to be a bit cakey, haven't tried the Maybelline one yet. My most fav ones would probably be 10 hr sleep effect by Bourjois and Revlon Colorstay, I mix them quite often with my Clinique Even better, which is like my HG of foundations :P

    ps sorry, i accidentally deleted my post and had to post it again :o)

  13. @Nadia - Oh it's so nice to know that there are some contries left except mine that doesn't have these products lol. Everyone is so crazed about them... it's just painful to watch lol.
    And yes, tell me about the prices... It's natural i guess though, cause they have to ship it overseas.. that stuff costs...
    Clinique even better is on my wishlist, but it is so expensive here... it costs about 35 dollars converted from my money. That's ALOT for me :( In US it costs around 24...
    Thanks for suggestions, i'll be sure to try Revlon foundation :) Never tried Borjois... i will check it out to :) Thanks!

  14. Thanks for this review! I've been wanting to go back to drugstore foundations, since I don't high end ones really make that much difference. My favourite was one by Almay but I've been wanting to try Maybelline again. You give me hope!

  15. Aw, I remember that Loreal True Match stuff, I was like 14 when I tried it and hadn't any idea about makeup lol..but I never seemed to try it again because I've never been attracted to Loreal face products. I am using the Dream Matte Mousse foundation for when I go to work and I have oily skin and it is working great for me, only bought it one shade too dark!

  16. Try L'Oréal Magic Nude. I've been using it almost a year and I love it! People tell me I look like I'm not wearing anything and it covers most flaws with minimal concealers and I have vitiligo so I need alot of coverage. It goes on like liquid and dries as powder. I just adore it.


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