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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Sorry so much for beeing m.i.a. for a while, i've been busy as hell, cause i was studying on my history pre finals... Do you know, that something really boring happened to someone really ugly in the middle ages?
Anyway, i aced it, and i can dedicate slightly more time to blogging :)

So i was at the hair salon earlier this week, to get them dyed and trimmed. I dye my hair way too  much. The color of it changes more than the shape of my eyebrows... I can't really remember my natural hair colour. It has been strawberry blond, bright red, aubergine, brown, mahagony..... I can go on for a while actually..... So i decided to make it nice and natural now, i came out chocollaty brown. It's so different from what i've had.

So i'm in my hairdressers chair, we're chatting and she says to me, that she noticed that i am a lot thinner than i were (thanks, but that's not a compliment for me) and that i have alot of new baby hair growing (yay). I never really noticed that. But when i came home and analyzed my head i realised that she was right. I started thinking what made my scalp wanting to grow some new fellas, and i realised that i've been doing some stuff different recently that may have resulted it. Also, there are some things that can prevent hair you allready have loss. So there they all are:
  • First of all - i minimized my caffeine intakes. I wanted to cut it off all the way, but i'm a grad student which stays up all night long studying, so this is impossible. I drink 1 cup of coffee per week max on the most stressfull nights. Bur Mr. Caffeine is bad guy.
  • I don't drink sodas anymore too. Just plain water or milk. Lots of plain water btw.
  • Instead of washing my hair every single day i do it every second day. I used to wash them every single day for like a year. Due to the lack of time i do it every 2nd day and my hair got used to that, and doesn't produce that much oils anymore. And it's healthier to your scalp.
  • When my hair is wet, I brush them with wide tooth comb. So they won't get pulled out. Wet hair are extremely damagable.
  • I've red somewhere, that if you put conditioner on your scalp and your roots it makes it go greasear alot more fast, so i usually would just put it on the ends and the middle part of my hair lenghtwise. But i started to rub it on my scalp too, cause i've bought this ecological conditioner and it said that you should do that, and guess what? I didn't noticed that my  hair getting greasier.
  • Brush your hair carefully.Right before brushing, use your fingers to gently comb through your hair. And when you brush, start at the ends, and hold the strand that you're brushing with your other hand so that if you pull on the hair with a brush, you don't pull on the root (you pull from the grip of your hand instead).
    Each hair on your head grows for 2-5 years, slows down for about six weeks, and rests for 3-5 months before falling out so a new hair can grow in its place. Normally, 15% of your hair is at the resting phase, but a sudden change in nutrition can cause some hair follicles in the growing phase to switch into the resting phase prematurely, possibly raising the percentage to more than 30%.
Also, don't compare yourself with celebrities and complain that you don't have beautiful hair. They all have gorgeous hair cause of extensions...
And you can have naturally beautiful hair, just take care of them :)


  1. Great post darling! I am so happy that you aced your prefinal..YAYYYY!! Not washing my hair everyday has helped with it growing too. And I agree with you about celebrities hair. Everyone says they envy this persons hair or whatever..and almost all of them have extensions or a straight up wig. I bet your hair turned out gorg.xoxoxo

  2. What a great post! I love all your tips. :)

  3. Which eco shampoo do you use? I tried one from Trader Joes but didn't like it, it dried my hair. Now I'm occasionally using this Korean organic brand of conditioner which I can put on my roots without fear.

    You drink one cup of coffee A WEEK?! Omg. I limited myself to one a day, and I still drink soda on top of that, and I still let myself drink another one if I'm tired, but I can't imagine getting my fix only once a week....Did you have withdrawal symptoms? I've had them before when I cut back...

  4. THanks a lot, I love your tips especially the conditioner one's that is so important. I also need to stay away from coffee to much caffine can be unhealthy for the hair and body.

  5. Love your post and I'm soo happy that this works!!I'll try to do what you say cause from the time Iremember myself I always loose and always have new hair coming out!!!!

  6. Which eco shampoo do you use? I would love to try, my hair grows in super slow. I want my long locks back, i will have to cut down or cut it out forever, i love soda, i drink diet now but i have like 3 cans a day sometimes for breakfast. I cut coffee out forever, this wasn't hard. I will try this, i desperately want my hair back. i cut it really short :/

  7. Great post! Plenty of good tips :)

  8. @Logan - Thanks! I'll post some pics later, cause i'm planning to make post about my "going out look" :D xxx

    @Jessica - I use live clean brand shampoo and conditioner Not for a long time actually, but i loved it so far.. i think i'll do a review about the products later, once i get to know them better. Yes I drink one cup of coffee A WEEK :D sometimes not even that much... lol I don't know, i suppose i never been addicted to caffeine i guess... lol

    @BreakingOutOfTheShell - the shampoo and cond. is from Live Clean. Some Canadian brand...
    These products are very good, but they won't help you stimulate your hair growth... The thing is, if you massage your scalp while rubbing in the conditioner you will stimulate the folicles in it which helps the hair brake out faster and stronger :)Bad stuff in sodas are not only high levels of sugar, but that also they are carbonated, which i don't exactly know why, but is bad... And not only for you hair... :) I know they are deeelicious, but they are really unhealthy... :(

  9. no coffee or sodas :O!! lol :P I wash my hair every 2nd day too, it's really damaging if you're washing it all the time. Yay for ur final!

  10. My problem is that my hair is SOOOOO dried out that not touching it doesn't help. I don't get it. I condition it well, I even use leave in conditioners and oils, yet at the end of the day my hair is still DRIED OUT. I don't even brush it! I gently comb it with my fingers! :( Anyway, I cut coffee and sodas off my list too. I stick to tea and water :D

  11. Thank you for sharing this :) I have the same problem with getting my natural hair colour back because I dye it fairly often.

  12. That was such a useful post, cause I am trying to grow my hair too! But, cut out coffee? I hate that tip, because coffee gives me energy.. No matter what, I will follow the rest of the tips! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Now this is a fantastic post! Thank you for sharing sweety! I will definintively pass on these tips if nothing else for better health!


  14. Great post! I really need to cut down on the soda and drink more water. I have naturally curly hair so I already can't wash my hair everyday. I wish it at least 2-3 times a week. I have seen a difference ever since I did this because I used to wash my hair every single day. Its less frizzy. :)

    Anyways, thanks for the great tips!

  15. The eternal question every girl wants to know the answer to!

    Blackberry Sherbet

  16. Thank you so much for such a great you left me :)
    I would purchase that ruffle shoulder, pink dress too if it wasn't see-thru. I hate it as well. Or I'd get it if it was a shirt, cuz then you can put a nice bra or a top underneath (like you said) and it's fine. But because it was a dress I wouldn't like others to see my know...
    Well, thank you again, dear!

  17. Hi Vaida, thanks for the tips!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm not really a fan of Avon makeup, except the Glimmersticks eyeliner and some mascaras. But I do love almost all of their skin care products, such great quality for nice prices.

    Jessica Simpson Fancy is my HG fragrance. You are right, it does smells really really sweet. The first time I came accross an ad of this perfum in a magazine with a scented page, I knew I HAD to have it! I'm not sure about her newest fragrance, Fancy Love, though. It's not the smae thing. It's less sweet, and I'm a HUGE fan of sweet-smelling products, especially perfumes!

  18. I wash my hair everyday because it gets soooo greasy if I don't :( . I don't know how i'm going to stop but i will try doing it every other day instead.

    This is a great post by the way, love the tips.

  19. The only reason we think celebs have great hair is because:
    -they have professionals working on them,
    -extensions (as was mentioned),
    -and all their pictures are PHOTOSHOPPED.

    They're not really beautiful at all.

  20. I like Essential oil for Hair Grow.It's works.thanks


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