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Alternative use of beauty products

We all have some shelf or a drawer dedicated to beauty products we don't use. Some of them don't match our skintone, for some we have allergies or maybe it doesn't match your skin or hair type. So they just stack up and take up space, but we don't want to throw them away because we paid our own money for them. And for some of them-big money.
So is there a way to still use those products somehow?
Through time ladies all over the world, found out how it's possible. Though not how they originally were intended to be used. So if you have your share of unusable beauty products - sit back, relax, and keep reading ;)

  • Probably the most popular usage "off-label" is hair conditioner as a shaving cream. It works just as well (tried it myself). It has similar thickness and the skin stays soft and smooth afterwards.Yes, no razor burns or bumps. You can also use a baby oil for that matter, works good too.
  • Baby oil also can also be used as make-up remover. Pour a littlle amount of it on to the cotton swab and use it to remove eye make-up. Just be sure to rinse it off well with lukewar water.
  • Hair spray instead of antistatic (for clothes). Just spray a little bit on your skirt's inner side, so it won't stick to your legs due to the static. But be careful, because it can stain on some materials.
  • All girls know that lipstick, is a perfect blush. Just be sure to buff it real nice.
  • If you have foundation that's too dark for tour skin tone- mix it up with your face moisturizer. You'll have great tinted moisturizer.
  • You also can do this with self tanner- mix it up with your face cream or body lotion and you will gradually build nice and natural tan.
  • Maybe you have baby powder lying in your house somewhere? Use it as dry shampoo. Dab a little bit on your roots and work it in your scalp. It's not as great as label dry shampoos, like Oscar Blandi and others but it will do the job - soak up the oil on your hair. The effect won't last long, but if you have to go somewhere quick and want to get rid of your second day hair look - try it. Note if you have dark hair be extra sure that you worked it in good, cause... you know... lol

I hope that helped someone.
All the things i wrote are quite popular, but maybe someone didn't know it yet :)
If you have any thoughts, or if you know more clever uses of beauty products let me know in the comments section :)


  1. Hello! I'm a new follower (=

    Your posts are all so interesting and instructive! Keep up the good work!

    I like to use baby oil as eye make-up remover. It melts everything so fast! I will definitely be trying it as shaving cream.


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