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Color 101

Understanding and knowing how to mix and match colors for say eye make-up, or outfits is important isn't it? Some colors match and others not so much. Well duh, 1st graders know that.
But not everyone knows WHICH colors match. We all understand simplest combinations of them, but it's really useful to know as many as we can. I can even begin to tell you how many times i saw girls wearing non-matching color outfits or make-up. Of course, sometimes being bold and hip pays off. Remember the times when no one ever thought that brown and teal would look good together?
Well.... yeah... So i kinda lost my whole point there lol.
But seriously, it's just basic thing to know the color matches, and in my opinion every girl even slightly interested in make-up or fashion should know it. You may ask "how on earth am i supposed to know that? there's so many colours, shades, tones and tints!" (which are actually not the same thing: Tint refers to the original color + white. Tone = original color + gray. Shade = original color + black.) Enter - magic color wheel! (I added the "magic" part, it's just really cool thingy lol.) Color wheel is this little thing from hard paper or plastic, with colors all around it.

This one is just pic from the internet, the real ones, are 3 dimensional and slightly different, but they work the same. Of course if you want the real one you can ussually get it from some craft store, or anywhere where they sell paints (like the ones for walls and stuff) cause they are originally for painters, and interrior designers, but it's of course suitable for make up and outfit matching. So it may seem complicated to understand but it's really not. So this is how it works:

  • All the colors that are in one row or slice (whatever you'd like to call it) vertically are matching ones, they are the top color shades, tints and tones etc. Colors from the same family generally look great together.
  • Another compatibility option - rows that are oppose to each other e.g. Blue and Orange - matches. These are called complementary colors. For example, blue is the complement of orange. One complement is always warm whereas the other is always cool.
  • Last matching option known for me (i guess there might be more, but the 3 i know is surely enough) is color combinations that are next to each other on the wheel. So, e.g. for Red it would be Red Violet and Red Orange.
Thats is basically enough to know, to put togehter great matching outfit, or do an aaah-mazing eye make-up. :)

More coming soon...


  1. I love this post! I love posts on color theory, and this one is informational and easy to understand! Thanks so much for this one! It's very well-explained! Can't wait for the next post!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :) I don't want to hardsell, but please do vote for it if you do have the time :)


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