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Going back to basics with haircare

  My hair care is the most problematic part of my beauty care regime. I don't have time to put some mask on them, or sometimes even to treat them with a conditioner (guilty). So i perfected the art of shampooing my hair, then blowdrying them and getting out the door in like 10 minutes In addition to get extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning. So it's obvious that my hair didn't like that tough love routine so much and started to become all fuzzy, and frizzy.. i had a whole lot of split ends.. long story short - it got ugly...

So here i am, sitting in my hairdresser's chair, waiting for her trembling in fear because i know that when she'll see me, she will chop them off... and she did....
My beautif... well, not so much anymore... but looong hair turned just average mid-length locks.... I convinced myself that it is good for them, and.. me... and moved on... I was the one that told her to keep my hair looking healthy no matter what afterall...

My new task/goal was to grew out my hair as healthy as i possibly can. Either that, or getting bald before i'm 30... So, what did i do?
  • I did a post a while ago, when i was taking a good care of my hair, there's alot of tips about haircare and growing out healthy hair. What else? Well, if you wash your hair every single morning, use a proper shampoo! Basics! Simple, plain, natural.... And read the label, it should say that the shampoo is suitable for everyday use. Yeah, sure, brands like L'oreal etc has good shampoos, but they are filled with chemicals, which, when using everyday on your hair, can do some damage... So i went out to cute little boutique which sells natural beauty products and bought simple shampoo with camomiles for like two euros. I love it! It is not fancy, but smells like honey and is gentle on my damaged hair.  I remember sometimes going to my friends bathrooms and seeing these kind of cheap shampoos and thinking ''whoa, why can't she buy normal and good shampoo?? i saw that one in my grandmother's bathroom.... girl, what are you thinking?'' Well, i was wrong. I now actually prefer those silly eggnog shampoos to John Frieda :P
  • My hair tends to become greasy very fast, so up till now i was reluctant to use any kind of oils, or greasy serums on them. But then i started to think, why not? I wash my hair everyday anyway, so they probobly won't make them any greasier. There are lots of so called ''fluids'' or serums for hair now... Some girls put simple olive or argon oil as a mask on their hair. My hairdresser adviced me to buy mango(as in fruit) oil. She told me, she had a client which had curly, tingley, dry hair (you get the picture). It was so bad, that at first she couldn't even get the scissors to cut it lol. But after a few weeks of this oil therapy her hair were gorgeous, shiny and healthy looking. I am not sure where you can find it where you live, but they tend to have all sorts of fruit or fruit seed oils in specified beauty salon supplies/pro stores, That's where i bought mine. It smells AH-MAZING and you can put in on your body as well. So again - basics. Simple. I am sure, i could've bought some fancy expensive fluid for hair, but i spent again couple of euros and i cannot be any happier with results! :)
So do you find that sometimes going back to simple things is such a refreshing and surprisingly awesome thing? Do you have any tips you'd like to share? Don't hesitate - let's discuss it!


  1. Ooh. I wonder where I can get stuff like

    I tried an olive oil hair mask about 2 months ago and it was very...greasy...I didn't like the feeling because it was not something I could just wash off easily...but I did notice that my hair was softer and shinier than when I use my store brought hair mask. And I use a hair mask on a weekly basis too...

  2. Apparently coconut oil and almond oil actually penetrate the hair (which is not easy since hairdressers need peroxide to open the hair to allow dye in) and I have used both and can honestly say they are really moisturising. I use a clarifying shampoo to wash the oil out afterwards and I think almond oil is the best x


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