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Is Makeup Always your Friend? Celebrity makeup mishaps!

I feel like i've been through all the craziest stages of self image confidence, and now i feel confident about myself they way i am. Well at least way more confident then i used to be. Thanks to the TAG i did before, i got to see my old photos and do some thinking. I browsed of my teen days pictures and couldn't believe how much makeup i was wearing. And the worst part is that i thought i looked awesome and cool and hot. Well i didn't. I looked stupid. And i was just 15-16 y.o...
I guess what i'm trying to say is that we are ALL BEAUTIFUL for the love of god! And makeup was created to enhance our unique features. Not to hide them. 
Me and some fellow beauty bloggers have a natural beauty project comming up soon to try and encourage all the ladies out there to change our view of the makeup. So as an opener for things to come i found some celebrity pictures on the internet that kinda sums up what i just rambled on. :)

Lily Alen withh her frozen eyes.. Imagine her without that panda look... Would've been better i guess... 
I love Britney Spears, but she is often horrible when it comes to makeup(either her or her makeup artists). She is really gorgeous woman(throw a rock at me!) she really don't need to hide that under old hookers makeup... 
Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl is one of my "how-to" role models. She is young and really beutiful, why the 80's makeup??
Looks like N. Kidman was snorting coke and then passed out head first on the table LOL. I guess the flashes of cameras brought out unblended powder or concealer. 
I actually don't know what to say about her... She allways are overly unnatural and i guess her face is scary when she wipes all the makeup off....
Too much bronzer... Way too much... :(

Yeah... Well....
Now let's compare when do famous ladies look better - with or without insane amount of makeup?

Now, while i understand that makeup is art and girls above are on the spotlight and red carpets requires certain looks and needs to grab the attention, i just want to say, that us, girls who loves to stare at magazines, watch E! and be all jealous of their beauty needs to know and understand that we are all beautiful, unique and don't need to try to cake ourselves under a ton of powders, concealers and eyeshadows on a regular day.

I rest my case :)

What do you think of makeup crazed generation that we belong in?


  1. Woah! Love this post. Some of that make-up is horrid and way too much, it's almost humorous! I agree with you, on how girls will see this on magazines, or Tv and want to recreate it. Natural beauty... I am looking forward to see the project.

  2. Love this post! I so agree with you! Waiting for your project to come up. :)


  3. That post is something!Love it!Also the compares!Horrid pictues indeed!Cheers!

  4. Nicole Kidman's pic made me giggle :) x

  5. Love this post. Brooke and Xtina look much better in the before pictures even tho i imagine they're still wearing tons of make up :P

  6. lol, pics like that always amuse me :) I guess we've all been guilty of overdoing things a little when it comes to make up. Maybe it just takes a while for us to realise that less really is more!

  7. what a great post, it cracked me up!!! some of this makeup is truly awful, who let them go out of the house like that?!?

  8. Nice post! I wonder if some make-up artists got fired because of such pictures >.> I heard that Nicole Kidman did that to hers after she noticed what was going on :P But yeah, could just be a silly rumour ^^

  9. Nice!! I totally agree with you! it's amazing what we think it's cool and what we do to look cool!
    This is one of those moments were less is better and know what looks good on you...not your friend...

  10. Lilly allen is the freakiest of all! Unfortunately, we all happen to do some make up mistakes from now to then. I am not very adept with make up, that is why I do not experiment a lot! I am far better with clothes. Kisses honey, I loved that post. have a nice week!

  11. Agreed :)
    I know I've had a lot of make up mistakes (still making them?) and I remember the number one blunder from high school is wearing powder (or too much of it). Made me look old.

  12. I think our generation;s self confindence is going down. I mean because of the media. Dont you think?
    love you blog hun, hope you could follow me as well! =)

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  14. I think the we will totally be know for the fake bake people ten twenty years from now will look at someone with Katty Parry Orange as I like to call it and say "OMG how turn of the century!" the OMG will be use in a completely ironic way of course.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. lol omg nicole kidman...shes usually so put together and perfect. I totally agree with what you said on this post but at the same time its super hard to actually do! I feel sooo much more confident and pretty with my whole face of makeup on. I don't wear a hideous amount but I feel a lot better when I at least have my concealer and foundation on. Its hard to feel beautiful au natural when the standards for women are so high now =( I wish I could have your confidence! great post! makes me think lol


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