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Operation: Prom Dress. Part 1 - HELP!

This is my last year in high school. I kinda have mixed feelings about it but that's not the point...
The thing is i am having a senior prom after the finals (duh). I don't exactly know the correct date but it's supposed to be in the middle of july. I know... i still have like...2 months... No need to panic. But after chatting with some of my girlfirends from school i found out that most of them allready has their dresses! Yikes! I didn't even started looking. I have no idea what i want and what type of dress would look good on me. The weirdest thing is that i have ONLY ONE DRESS in my closet, and it is simple classic LBD. I don't really like wearing dresses, makes me feel too vulnerabale, since i am like an inch tall, at least when i am in pants i know i can kick someone if needed lol.
So i haven't gone to the stores to check out the dresses, but i did some research online. I wanted to figure out which actresses has simmilar body type as me, so i could check out what kind of dresses looks good on them.

So i am 163cm (5'3) my weight is 49kg(~110lbs) (it goes a pound up or down every week...)
 My measurements 90-63-90 (in cm) 35-25-35(in inches)

Celebrities with simmilar body types:
All of them has almost identical body measurments, weights and heights. But you can see how all of them are still a bit different. After a loooong consideration i decided that my body structure is most like this chicks, which name i don't even know.
(She's in the 2nd picture also)
 So, body type determined. I am so called "petite".
I googled it and found some online stores which sells VERY cute coctail(i don't want to go too fancy)dresses specialy for petites. 

But after looking at the dresses a few questions poped up - shall i go with the long dress or mini dress? Midi doesn't work for me, so it's out of question. Long dress can be very sexy and gorgeous (Like the one one of the Olsen twins is wearing in above picture) but mini dress is more convienient because it is going to be hot in the middle of summer, and it is more fun and comfortable.

Another thing - i saw few drop dead gorgeous dresses in online shop
Both gorgeous, though simple. It seems though that with a 2nd dress in case of stronger wind i could pull a Marillyn Monroe in "7 year itch"... lol
     This one is just GORGEOUS... It reminds me of one of Britney dresses back in the old days:
Though the one from the store doesn't look like ripped off curtain. It's more appropriate version. And i just loooove it.

And last but not least:

It is without a doubt one of the most sexiest dresses i ever saw.... The question is - is it too sexy for a prom? 

Another dillema - if i order a dress online.. what if it doesn't fit me right?? I probably won'te be able to return it or change it right? At least not in time... :( But the most beautiful dresses hides on the internet and not in the stores...

I know one thing for sure- i don't want to look like a lost bridesmaid on my senior prom. 
I want to look stylish and gorgeous. 

  So i am totaly lost and confused. And i would appreciate ANY tips and suggestions from you guys. What kind of dress? Long or short? Body hugging or loose "greek godess" style? Simple or fancier? Sexy or more modest?

Please spill everything you think! 



  1. ok, I LOVE THE FIRST AND SECOND ONE.....and also LBD isn't so bad especially with the BEST accessories & cute pumps. That cream asos dress is gorgeous tooooooo
    wow you have great options.

  2. The 2nd dress from asos is really cute. They generally have pretty good stuff. The good thing about prom dresses is that u can get one thats not too OTT u can use again later. Good luck! xoxo

  3. I'd definitely go for short, you're young and if you have a pair of nice legs: show them! ;) But if you do, I'd keep the dress modest and not too sexy, the one with the black lace for example is gorgeous! Sexy, but not showing too much skin. I think it would look really flattering on you (because of your hair colour) and you could do so many different make-up looks with it. Maybe some flawless red lips or something simple like the girl in the picture (or a very nice dark smokey would have lots of options) :D

    And I wouldn't worry about ordering things online, you could always make little adjustments to make the dress fit you better or you could keep a 'back up' dress in mind from a store near you in case it doesn't work out at all :P

  4. First, theyre all nice dresses. but i like the 2nd one from asos and the lace one the most :))

  5. Thanks, you guys so much! :)
    I really like the lacy dress the most... Hm... Maybe i should just order it... Well i'm gonna have to check out the stores first, to see if there's anything there. I'll post another post of my real life findings soon...

  6. Hermoso blog...
    me ha encantado ya os sigo...
    saludos xox0

  7. I love this and this other :)

  8. @Rubinha - yeah, the lacy one is my fav! :)

  9. That woman is Marisa Miller. She is a super model and was just voted Maxim Magazines #10 hottest woman in the world. It is great that is your body type! I love all the dresses really, but the second is my favorite. It has a sweetness and innocence about it.

    Great blog!

  10. Hi. :) I'm not actually a follower (yet) but after seeing that your actually a teen and after noticing that none of the blogs on my roll are written by peers, I might just join. Just for fun. :P

    I'm also in my last year of school, except in Australia, my formal isn't till November. Still. We have similar tastes. Only a few days ago, I was on the asos site, checking out that second black and pink dress. Basically salivating over it. Definitely one of my favourites, I would totally wear that to my formal!

    I thought that proms were really formal kind of events? In Oz (or at least, at my school) formals aren't so much formal as more cocktail, so I know that a lot of girls, myself included are going to go for a short and sweet dress. Remember that it's going to be summer-hot, and you'll be dancing all night, so I think that a short dress will be better suited. (unless like I thought, that your prom is really formal.)

    I'm also petite shaped, and am opting for a halter dress, or that V-style neckline. (what is it called? I never know the name for that neckline style) But that's only because I've got small boobs so they look pretty good on me. (If I say so myself). It comes down to personal tastes, eventually. I would go for a beautiful flowy grecian style coz I love those, but I know that there will be girls who will go for "drop it like its hot" dresses.

    I also noticed that in two/three of the celeb pics that you've posted, they are wearing bandage dresses. In case you're worried, like my friend is, they are still considered "in". She really wants to wear one. I reckon that could work for you. :)

    In terms of buying a dress online, I personally wouldn't for this event. I do occasionally shop online, but I think there are too many risks involved. Like I've harped onto friends, "this is practically the last time you are going to see the whole grade (excluding close mates) and so you want to leave a GRRREAT impression. That way, in 10 years time at the reunion, even if your life is down in the dumpsters, they'll still see you and remember you as the one with the hot dress." No kidding. I've said that quite a few times already to friends.

    So buying a dress online would mean that you don't get to see how it looks on you before the transaction goes down (unless you go out to stores and try on similar dresses, but they're not the exact same). And if you got a wrong size/doesn't look great, the exchange/return process would be a pain/waste heaps of time, IMO.

    When you say you can't find any gems at stores, are you just trying chain stores and your local mall? Coz I found, in getting my year 10 formal dress, that the best dresses are in those small, one-off boutiques that stock little random brands. Maybe you should go scout more boutiques?

    Anyway, hope that helped. :) Show us the dress you decided on. And maybe I'll come back one day and show you mine!
    [gee that was a long comment.]

  11. @Joan - Thank you so much for your comment Yes, proms are not so much formal here too.Coctail type dresses are mostly common.Of course there always are some girl with a big bridesmaid type dress.. but oh well...V necklines are great for short girls, as it give the illusion of you being taller, and in case of small boobs, just add the ruffle to the neckline and voila - boob oomph lol. I was thinking about greecian style dress, they are really popular this year, so i want to be a little more out of "pop trend" yet still hot lol. Bandage dresses looks hot, but i am affraid that they are not the most comfortable for having crazy fun all night long. I still don't know about ordering a dress online for such special occasion... i guess if it won't fit i could allways go and get it altered...I will definetly take a tour to boutiques, i love em more than biog chain stores. Thanks! :) Drop by again! :)

  12. Love the second dress!!!But I think that you'll look gorgeous in any dress!!!And check out my blog!!I have something for you!!

  13. I love the second dress too! But the last one is a bit too sexy for a prom (but you have such a wonderful face, that everything will look good!)

  14. I love the second dress! It's super super gorgeous! :)

    Visit my blog too if you want!

  15. The lace one is super cute!! Good luck!


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