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Doing your own bridal beauty when two billion people are watching is a brave move

I know, you are all probobly sick to hear about all the Royal Wedding stuff, you all probobly know, that Kate... a-hem! sorry... Catherin Middleton Duchess of Cambridge seemingly did her own makeup on the big day and all that jazz that all the mass media were reporting like crazy, but since i am a research freak, i did my best to get all the details on the look of the Royal bride.

It’s a brave move to decide to do your own bridal beauty, especially when there are two billion people scrutinising your every move. Watching everything filmed in HD, where it's possible to see every tiny mistake. This was not the time for experimenting. But she is very good at her own make-up, and she was reportidly taking lessons and consulting with a proffesional make up artist, refusing to hire her on a big day itself, cause according to ''insiders'' Kate wanted to have as little people around her in the important morning as possible.

The result? 

Yes, there was a touch more make-up than usual. Its important to define your features enough that they can be seen from afar, not to mention look lovely in photos. But you don't want to wear so much makeup that your groom doesn't recognize you. Many wouldn’t have expected a heavy hand on such an important day. Kate, after all, is a sporty, outdoorsy girl who radiates health and happiness from within. But she got the look she wanted. She felt confident and comfortable.

Her eye make-up, in particular, was slightly stronger than she usually wears, with a grey taupe shadow in the socket and her favourite black eyeliner under and above the eye. Her long lashes looked fuller, but it looked like this was down to a couple of coats of mascara and not extensions or falsies. Kate reportedly stocked up with Lancome’s Hypnose Mascara last week  which can be layered for thicker, fuller lashes.
As for the eyeliner, we never see Kate without it. It has become her trademark  but thank goodness she softened it for the wedding and didn’t end up looking like Victoria Beckham, whose blacker-than-black smoky eyes made her look like a Posh panda.

Kate looked like she had a professional eyebrow shape a few days before the wedding. Her brows looked more defined, darker than usual and she probably used a fine pencil to draw in a little more shape.

Behold the power of an expertly sculpted arch! This is a zoom-in from my favorite shot of Kate and William, where they're looking at each other as they exit Westminster Abbey as newlyweds. See how, especially from the side view, Princess Catherine's neatly arched, tapered and penciled-in eyebrows frame her eyes and cheekbones, playing up these beautiful features even more? Also note the highlighter brushed beneath her arches to further shape her brows and bring light into the eye area.

Her skin was glowing. Possible thanks to the Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy facial she had a few days ago, but the natural radiance could be enhanced by a sheer base (such as the Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation) which is one notch above a tinted moisturiser and perfect for even the most foundation-phobic.
Her blush was a proper bridal rose shade, looked more obvious than we’ve seen on her before, but was perfect for the cameras and will look great in the millions of pictures. Possible great choice for the exact look - Chanel’s Rose Temptation.

Kate’s skin had just enough gleam under the bright lights in Westminster Abbey, with no hint of shimmer or shine, and that’s probably down to a light dusting of the finest powder applied to the bits most prone to oiliness (forehead, nose and chin).
She kept licking her lips (perhaps the only sign of nerves), but her pink toned nude lipstick stayed put throughout. It was a good choice of lip colour and won’t date in pictures.

 Her nails had to be ready for all close-ups, it had to be perfect. Kate is really making her way into the family, it is reported, that all the manicure with deep tissue massage the day beofre the wedding was a special treat gift by Camila Parker-Bowls. Celebrity manicurist Marina Sandoval did Kate’s manicure the day before the wedding. She chose a natural looking short, beautifully shaped nails with a couple of coats of the palest pink. Essie already bragged their tushies off that it was Essie's Allure. Gorgeous shade, that i am ALREADY guilty of wearing... It is going to be a big bestseller now, without a doubt, stock up Essie! But let's not give them all the credit, the manicurist, admitted, that she created  Kate's manicure blending Bourjois polish in no 28 Rose Lounge with Allure. Though wearing only Allure would look almost the same.

Historically, most princesses have gotten married with their hair up in rather structured updos, so the fact that Kate Middleton chose to wear hers loosely curled and swept gracefully half-up (''demi chignon'') made a bit of a statement. Created by James Pryce of Richard Ward salon (he's cut Kate's hair for years now), this more airy and soft wedding hairstyle worked so beautifully with her crazy-romantic Alexander McQueen lace-sleeved gown and I love how the height up top gave her veil a little lift behind her tiara. Tiara was made by Cartier in 1936. It was originally bought by the Duke of York (King George VI) for his duchess wife (Queen Elizabeth) three weeks before he became king. The tiara was given to Princess Elizabeth (the present day queen) by her mother on her 18th birthday.

Do you like the tiara that Kate chose?


  1. I think she looked great! The makeup, the nails, the hair, the dress, the tiara, everything!


  2. I know! Agree 100%. Great start entering a Royal family looking flawlessly gorgeous.


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