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Let's all be Little Mermaids! Part 1: Make sure you really want it

Red hair is now a hot new trend. But you must carefully consider how red do you want to be before dying or coloring your hair in reddish tones. There is alot to consider beforehand, and since I can call myself experienced in this area, i can give a few advices and examples. I want to start series of posts about choosing the right red hair tone, dying it at home, maintaining it and etc... Being red-hot chicka is amazing, but you need to make sure it is for you. I've seen girls ruining their hair, being unhappy and miserable because of the snap decision to go red. Let's not let this happen to you!

Anyone can wear some shade of red! The key is to learn which works best for you. So if you decided to go red - go and check out my post series where i explain which colours work on you, there's little theory and lots of examples with pictures, i am sure that in this case you'd find it helpful and may learn something new about basic colouring.

Find out if the red hair is for you:

  • Keep in mind, blue-red like aubergine or red-red like Rihanna's hair color doesn't exist in nature. It may look really hot, and people can wear those hues, and they can be very flattering... However, they will never look natural. All reds that are natural for people are red-orange tones. So if you want hair color that looks natural, go with a red-orange shade ranging from the palest golden strawberry or copper to the most intense red-orange.
  • If you are going to entrust your locks to proffesional hair colourist, discuss the tone through photos! Because people often have different ideas about what a copper, strawberry or auburn shade is. A photo ensures that you're speaking the same language. I once cried my eyes out because I had let my hair done by a so called proffesional, but instead of going out of salon fiery red, like I intended i had gone home with eggplant- looking hair!!!
  • Also, you need to consider both the level and the tone of the color. That applies whether you're talking about reds, blondes or brunettes. The level describes the lightness versus darkness of the color while the tone is what you're seeing reflected in the color.
  • Once you and your colorist are on the same page, you need to think about your entire image before proceeding. For example, wearing a certain shade might require a complete change in makeup. If you're willing to do that, go for it. Just consider the cost.
  • Finally, know that red hair color fades faster than other shades because the red color molecule is the largest, making it the most difficult for the hair shaft to hold on to. The key to long-term success is to use a shampoo and conditioner especially formulated to preserve red hair color from day one.The mistake many people make is to wait till the hair color starts to fade and then try to revive it. You'll be much happier if you maintain your new red from the first day you wear it home.
  •   No matter if you dye your hair at home, or at a salon, you will probobly look a bit darker than intended. And that is alright, cause red tones fade out insanley fast. The brighter - the faster. The dye will wash out in a few days, and by that time, the red hair colors will have faded a bit so you'll have the shade you originaly wanted.
Whether you choose naturally copper tresses or a fiery shade of dye, red hair is popular and desirable. With proper care to preserve the color and keep it looking vibrant, it is possible to maintain red locks with relative ease, giving that exotic and mysterious touch of red to any shade.  Now that you know you really want to go red, wait for the next post, in which i will show you different types of red hair and which one would suit you the best!


  1. Love your hair! Red is deffo your colour! xx

  2. Yayy! How cool that you're back!! You shoulnd't leave blogging :) You look great in red hair!


  3. I know! I really missed it! :)

    Thanks, Kasia, i'm really happy you're still here!

  4. You have so much volume: gorgeous


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