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Beachy wavy SEXY hair

Congratulations, the spring has finally arrived! Well it's still a mess outside, but atleast it's oficial springtime :) That's something to be excited about. :)
The sun was shining all day today, and i was dreaming about beach... I live like half an hour  away to from it, so i am a total beach girl. I love it. I love the feeling after going to the beach. You know, salty, nice smelling skin, and nicely curled up messy hair.... My hair in winter time tends to look awful, they become flat, don't hold a curl... They are naturaly straight. So straight that people don't believe that i don't use flatiron to get them look like this.

So I was doing some reasearch today, inspired by my dreams, about how to get a wavy "just from the beach" hair look. I asked a girl at a salon if they do perms to this look. She said no. That didn't upset me too much... I'm a McGyver when it comes to beauty lol. Here's what else you can do to get your hair this nice messy wavy hair effect.
  •  After washing your hair blow dry the roots of your it with your head upside down, using the cool-shot button every few minutes to lock in some volume. Stop when your hair is damp, but not yet fully dry.
  • Spray some salt spray into your palms.You can buy it or make it yourself by adding a few tablespoons of salt(SEASALT not tablesalt!) into the spray bottle of lukewarm water and give it a good shake.The more salt you add, the more crunchy textured, and beach-like your hair will be. If you want to buy it try using  Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray or John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Sea Spray (it smells like coconuts!) These surf sprays are typically more reliable than home-made versions.
  • Run your palms over your hair, starting at the ends. Try not to get any directly on your roots.
  • Divide your hair into a few sections.
  • Starting at the top of your head, twist each section into a loose bun and secure the ends with a bobby pin.
  • Repeat with the remaining sections of hair.

  • Allow your hair to finish drying while twisted up in the buns for about 20 minutes.

  • Take out the bobby pins and finger-comb the waves into place, scrunching from the ends up.

    Use a curling iron to fix pieces that didn't take shape well or give the front sections a more defined wave. To get a relaxed wave rather than a tight curl, don't open the clip on the curling iron. Just twist a piece of hair and manually wrap it around the barrel, holding the ends in place.

    And Voila

    You can go out sporting nice messy sexy look :)


  1. Love your tips!!Thanks!!!In spring and summer I love wavy hair!!!

  2. You should do videos ;)

    And loved the tip about surf sprays, I'll be using that one a lot this spring!

  3. I'm always trying to get some presentable waves but it never works so i will try your method :)

  4. @lovelyviolet5 Thank you for stopping by! And yes, wavy hair and summer! Woot!

    @Beauty Vibes Really? Well.. yeah... maybe some day :)Thanks ;)

    @~Klaudia~ Yes, it's really hard for me to curl my hair also...This though worked 4 me :) Hope it works 4 you ;) Thanks, for stopping by ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing! I've always had a thing of Kate Hudson's hair. (=

  6. Lamboutins.*drools*
    Nice blog. Thanks for stopping by, I followed you now =)

    Hvae a great day =)


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