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Louboutin Manicure. Classy or Trashy?

The thing that probably every girl has in her wishlist - a pair of Louboutin high heels with the magic red sole...
I was lying if i'd say i don't want 'em...
Ok, by show of hands who doesn't? 
Ok, either you are shy, or  i was right.
Louboutin's screams "girl power, sexyness, style, class"
...and that you are rich enough to purchase them.
Or you have a rich man beside you...

Anywaaaay, for those of us, who are not su lucky and don't have the possibility to buy them, can try interesting Louboutin manicure. It's simple yet so sophisitcated.
All you have to do is paint your nails in rich black color and paint your undersides ruby red. 
 I did my nails once like this in summer, and got lots of compliments.
Thats another thing every girl craves....
So this may be not so perfect for everyday wear, but perfect for a classy night out. 
Are you willing to try it until you get your shoes? :)


  1. I think it looks really cool :P would look best with fake nails though. Btw I love the template of ur blog, the pink bows are cute!! :) xoxo

  2. @UrbanMermaid - Yes long fake, or naturally long :) Thank you so much ;) I love it too! And i'm so pleased that you visited me, cause i loooove your blog! ;)

  3. Thats such a cool idea!! But my nails are not long enough to do it!!

    I can honestly say I don't want loutoutins...but only because I've had a few surgeries on my foot/leg and my doctor says I'm not allowed to wear heels, and probably will have trouble with them, so I invest my energy/money into other things :)

  4. @Obsessed.Makup.Addict Well you can still put on some press on nails if you want to do it for say one night :) And sorry about your foot, but i can say i'm a little jealous, cause you won't ever experience the sensation i like to call "feet hangover" after wearing heels every day... :/ Thanks 4 stopping by! :)

  5. wow, those shoes are a must have I must say. And good job with the nails........I take forever to get my nails perfect.

  6. I really enjoy your blog. theres so many interesting reads! please have a look at my blog and tell me what you think. Thank you =)

  7. I tagged you on my blog hun xx

  8. You have an adorable blog! Just found it and followed. I wear my nails very short, so this wouldn't work for me but the crazy inside me that has a love for things that match LOVES this manicure. It would match my Louboutain Simple 100 pumps! Makes me wanna grow my nails a bit. Cute post! xoxo

  9. Aaah, definitely the dream shoe! This is a really interesting manicure. Might try it when my nails are longer.

    I went shopping with my friend to buy her wedding dress. The saleswoman told us a story about a bride who painted the soles of her bridal shoes red to get the Louboutin look. I thought that was a bit silly, why pretend?!

  10. @Logan - Thank you so much :)I'm still saving onmy pair of Louboutin's, but if i had i would definetly match them with this manicure, that should look interesting :)

    @un petit lapin - Lol, you're story is hilarious. I allways see a girl in my school who walks around with red-painted soles... That's just sad... :D

  11. looks amazing! seriously never thought to paint the underside of my nails :) thanks for following bub - i've followed you back! xxx



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