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Color 101 (part 5)

Part 1 - Basic Colour Theory
Part 2 - Colour Analysis. Spring
Part 3 - Summer
Part 4 - Autumn

Tam ta da daaaaam!
This is the last episode of the drawn-out series about colour theory.
I am going to show you the last type of the colour analysis type - winter and a little summary in the end, cause i saw that it was hard for you guys to determine which of the type are you.

Grab a mirror and let's go!

1. Deep Winter

  • Eyes: Black, black-brown, dark hazel.
  • Hair: Black-brown, medium brown, gray.
  • Skin: Black, medium beige, black-brown, olive with no pink or peach undertones.
2.Light Winter
  • Eyes: Bright blue, hazel, green.
  • Hair: Black, chestnut, medium brown or dark brown.
  • Skin: Black, deep brown, neutral beige, pale olive, milky (even transluscent) white.

3. Cold Winter:
  • Eyes: Charcoal gray, blue, dark brown.
  • Hair: Blue-black, silverish, no red tones.
  • Skin: Cool brown, olive, neutral beige.

Let’s imagine the situation that you can’t determine the color type you are.
The most contradicting fact is that you can see more or less pronounced contrast between the skin, hair and iris within one season type as far as every type has both delicate, light and saturated, dark hues.

Spring season type with golden dark tints in skin and hair can easily resort to the light nuances of the fall type in wardrobe and make up. And visa versa, one with tender and pale skin fall type can go perfect with soft and subdued tones of spring palette.Something similar happens to the summer type dark tints that can be quite good with delicate hues of winter palette. And – as a very rare exception to the rule – strongly pronounced winter type with rich strong contrast of the skin, hair and eyes color can make use of lively nuances of spring palette.

Remeber that you shouldn't match photos of celebrities with your skin/eyes/hair colour 100%. I was only able to found more or less fitting examples to the type. :)

Also, remember that the colors in my sample charts are not an all-inclusive list of the colors that will work for you, but they are some of the best colors that you should definitely try to incorporate into your wardrobe.
Even just a few new tops in those colors will make a huge difference.
Also, you may fit into a couple different categories. That’s okay, it’s normal and no big deal. The seasons are just supposed to give you a general idea of your colors – they’re not supposed to be strict rules that you need to follow religiously.
If you try on some clothes in your colors, you’ll quickly learn that wearing the right colors makes a huge difference in the way you look. I suggest you to experiment with different shades and see which ones look best on you, as well as which ones you like the most! Then buy these colors up whenever you spot them in stores. You can print your colors out and take it shopping with you, so you’ll always have your  at hand :)

That was insane amount of research i had to do for these series, but it was soo much fun!

What type did you turned out to be? 
Maybe you've even already tried some of your type colors in make-up or clothes? Share!


  1. wow I didn't know I was color winter, thats soo cool! :)

  2. This is such a cool post, only I'm having trouble trying to figure out which winter I am lol

  3. I loved reading about the colour theory, but it's still hard to figure out which one I actually am :P It's a little bit difficult because I can't really tell the exact kind of hair/skin colour I have. I'm probably a mix of different types :p

  4. I love reading your color theory posts, they are so interesting! I am convinced I am a combo of several of them..hehe

  5. You've been tagged!! ;)

  6. Wow! I am so happy I found your blog! I am really interested in colour theory!
    I have become a new follower.
    Great work!!

  7. So I tagged you for an award on my blog, and I know that you just got the same one from UrbanMermaid, but I had to include you in my winners cause I love your blog so much. Feel free not to do the tag twice (eek, it is hard enough once), but wanted to send some love your way! xoxo

  8. Oooh good info here! I'm a light autumn, love it! :-)

  9. These have been really helpful! Thank-you.

    I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award ♥ xx

  10. I left something on my blog for you :-)

    Have a great Wednesday!


  11. I think I am Light winter! Useful post, thanks for helping me (I am totally out of make up trends, I just try) Kisses!


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